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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  October 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist
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volunteers will head back out this morning in search of a missing 10-andrew ounkham was last seen yesterday afternoon cornfield...behind his home in southwest waukesha.... ann sterling joins us live where a massive search has been going on all night. this is where waukesha this is where this is where waukesha police have set up a command post. we're at a park very close to this little boys home. right now we can tell you multiple agencies are actively searching for him
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we want to show you a picture of andrew ook-um. he was last seen just before 4 pm yesterday afternoon. police say he was running through a large cornfield behind his home, located near stillwater circle and ox-bow drive just about a block from where we are right now. he was last seen wearing a blue shirt and grey shorts. police say andrew has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and is non- verbal.a ladder truck with waukesha fire near the entrance to the corn field, it's lit up the ladder in bright colors to try and get andrew's attention. authorities are also using k9 units-- last night they used drones and thermal imaging to search the area. andrew's parents told police he has done this before .... and will often run into the corn field when he's upset, but they can usually find him right away. police also say andrew likes to hide in backyard play sets when he's upset. they do not believe there is anything suspicious surrounding his
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asking volunteers to waukesha west high school which is just about a block from here. last night volunteers home because fog. will be normal for schools in waukesha county this morning despite 30 school buses fire over the firefighters from 24 departments responded to the four alarm fire -- at dousman transport company in the town of merton yesterday.thick black smoke billowed into the sky, captured in this witness video from afternoon. the fuel tanks kristie and eric regal/live nearby (they both talk in the sot so supering her again) 57:25 they were so close to each other it just spread like wildfirst buses were so close to each other and they heard explosions of been from the fuel tanks 57:33 the bus depot serves about 10 schools in the hartland- arrowhead area, plus a few private schools. the cause of the fire is still under an update now on the train crash in new jersey that killed one person and injured 114 others.n-t-s-b officials report the engineer told them he "has no memory" of the accident.48-year-old thomas gallagher said he was six minutes late and going 10- miles-per-hour when the train
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plowed into the platform thursday officials say gallagher told them he felt "fully rested" when he arrived at work... but only remembers waking up on the floor of the cab. he also said the train brakes were operating properly and visibility a 37-year-old woman is in critical condition this morning after crashing her car in germantown over the weekend. according to police... the woman was northbound on 41, where construction narrowed to one lane. she was speeding on the median shoulder... trying to pass other drivers.that's w alcohol appears to be a factor. investigators say this was her 4th o-w-i decision 2016senator bernie sanders will visit wisconsin this week to campaign for hillary clinton... he'll be encouraging people to vote early.sanders is scheduled to lead rallies in madison and green bay on wednesday.he was once clinton's rival on the campaign trail early on in the primaries. but after he lost
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also on wednesday... donald trump's oldest son... donald junior... will be in our area. according to the republican party of milwaukee county... he'll attend a roundtable discussion at the embassy suites in brookfield. doors open at 7:30 a-m. before that though, all eyes will be on the vice presidential candidates.tim kaine and mike pence will square off for their first debate. it will be at longwood universin night. you can watch that debate right here on today's tmj4. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--bad news for residents in miami as they hope to eliminate the zika threat in their what scientists say about the area.... and the potential of more people getting a look at the possible future of our roadways. the unique way one community is giving the green light to saving engery. and taking a live look
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after a dreary, rainy and cool weekend, this morning is starting off with patchy dense fog in areas north and west of milwaukee. it is also chilly this morning with lows in the 40s and lower 50s. the fog then we finally get to enjoy some sunshine with highs in the upper 60s. tonight is clear and cool and cool once
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for the second time in 13 years, alabama's supereme court chief justice has been suspended. removed from the bench for the rest of his current term for telling judges to defy federal orders on same-sex marriage. moore will be 69 years old by the time his suspension is up -- alabama law say he can't run again.the age limit is 70. new tests are suggesting some mosquitos in miami beach may still be infected with zika virus.officials say preliminary tests show that a new sample of mosquitos from the area has tested positive
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been conducted by state officials and they still need to be confirmed by the c-d-c. but if they ?are? confirmed, that would be the sixth mosquito sample from miami beach with a positive far... at least 35 people in miami beach have contracted zika locally. the trial for a georgia father accused of leaving his 22-month old son to die in a hot car begins today.ross harris faces numerous charges... including malice murder, felony murder, and cruelty to accused of leaving his young son cooper in the back seat of his s-u-v in june 2014.harris claimed it was tragic parents saving for their children's college educations.. have developed a bad habit..a new survey of a thousand parents who have put away money for their kid's education in 5-29's.... nearly half have of them have raided their savings fund for something other than education. the survey found parents believe the funds must be used... or they'd be lost. others responded they didn't know they couldn't without
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) "in the survey, about 21% of people said that they don't think there's any penalties to tapping the funds early ..which, sorry guys, but there are penalties there and you're also going to owe some taxes on any earnings that are in the account"those penalties and taxes could be levied at both the state and federal level.experts suggest the best way to avoid i-r-s scrutiny is to leave the 529 money alone... even if unused... for college expenses down the road. ohio is unveiling it's first ever solar officials say the panels contain l-e-d lights to create lines and signage without paint and built in heating elements to prevent snow and ice accumulation.the panels will be tested on walkways and sidewalks first before being installed on the road.the only downfall.... it could be pricy for tax up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--saying good bye to a baseball legend this morning. how his storied career started more than 80
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miami are preparing for the worst this morning. what hurricane matthew could bring
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good morning everyone.the brewers wrapped up their season on a winning note yesterdayafter they beat the rockies in extra inings out in was a big homerun late thatturned out to be the differencein the game.rockies would get on the board first thanks to this solo shot by charlie blackman, rockies up 1-nothing.8th inning with the brewers down a run..."da- mingo" santana launches one out the park to left for a2
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.the game would go into extra innings...tied at "4" and that whenthe brewers andrew "sue- sack"had the biggest shot of the gamewith this 2 run shot in the 10thinning.brewers win it 6 to 4.they finish the season73 and 89.let's head to the links for the ryder cup action's ryan moore on "17" he sinksthe birdie putt to win the wholeand square the match.his american teamates all ready done for the day watching on.on "18" moore with "3-putts" to clinch the ryder cup, that's close enough, westwoodconcedes the hole and the matchmo0re wins "1 cup for team usa, they beat 11. it's the americans ryder cup win .packers will work this week as they get readyto host the giants at lambuea field that's your one minute drill havea great day everyone 4 weeks into the n-f-l season and colin kaepernick and some of his teammates aren't backing down from their protest of the national anthem. kapaernick and several other players either kneeled during yesterday's game... or held their fists towards the sky. the players say they are protesting police brutality and racial
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microphone, vin scully's legendary career is over. it came to an end on sunday.and what better game could it be for him to call than the los angeles dodgers taking on their eternal rivals, the san francisco giants?i have said enough for a lifetime and for the last time i wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon. in his farewell at dodger stadium, scully called the game in which the dodgers clinched the national league west. another legend in the icon willie mays there to congragulate him as a commemorative placque was unveiled in honor of scully's last game.scully called the giants' clinching of a wild-card spot -- 80 years to the day after he says he walked past a laundry, saw the score of a world series game in which the new york giants had gotten pummeled, and
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weekend, this morning is starting off with patchy dense fog in areas north and west of milwaukee. it is also chilly this morning with lows in the 40s and lower 50s. the fog will burn off before 10am, then we finally get to enjoy some sunshine with highs in
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clear and cool and cool once again with patchy fog.tuesday is partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the lower 70s. the humidity returns on wednesday along with highs in the lower 70s, and scattered showers in the afternoon. thursday re humid with highs in the lower 70s and t'showers likely. the cold front moves through thursday night, and friday struggles to get out of the 50s with scattered showers. after a dreary, rainy and cool
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starting off with patchy dense fog in areas north and west of milwaukee. it is also chilly this morning with lows in the 40s and lower 50s. the fog will burn off before 10am, then we finally get to enjoy some sunshine with highs in the upper 60s. tonight is clear and cool and cool is partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the lower 70s. the humidity returns on wednesday along with highs in the lower 70s, and scattered showers in incident freelight traffic
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or above posted hurricane matthew's power already is being felt in jamaica as the island in jamaica as is being felt power already hurricane postedor above posted hurricane matthew's power already is being felt in jamaica as the island nation is pounded with torrential rainfall and strong winds from the category four hurricane. the country is now under a hurricane warning. e nothing more the country can do except for brace and be prepared. there are many emotions kids have to navigate in this day and age... anger certainly being one of them... and when a child has difficulty controlling their temper it can become a real challenge for parents... many times children will act out because they are experiencing changes and don't yet know how to express their feelings.ira cronin reports. "what may be causing that, you know, are there changes at school are there changes at
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what we call 'big feelings' and they just how to appropriately express them." (nats)doctor's say it's important for parents to remember that anger is a common emotion, especially in younger kids who often don't get what they want... many times, it can be caused by the fact that young children have very little control over things in their life -- and don't have many opportunities to make decisions for themselves... parents can help by letting young children make small decisions, like picking out which color shirt to wear, or ?what vegetable they would like with dinner... pant young children are not able to put their wants and needs into context with the big picture -- so it's important to be patient with them."also keeping in mind that parents often perceive that kids get mad over silly things or little things but those things, while they may seem silly or little to us as adults, are probably very important to the child." finally while we've given a couple of examples in the story that apply to younger kids --- same principles certainly apply to teens who may be dealing with situations in their lives that are out of
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they try to cope with those feelings as well.experts suggest being patient and keeping the lines of communication open with your teen is also an excellent rule of thumb. recall alert.... sammy's milk baby food is being recalled over concerns it may contain cronobacter, a potentially deadly bacteria.cronobacter, can cause severe and sometimes fatal blood infections or meningitis in infants.the product with expiration dates of november 2016 should not be consumed. customers should return it to the place of purchase for a illnesses have been up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--what's on your bucket list? does it involve getting arrested... like a 1- hundred-2 year old woman we'll meet next? also ahead... nothing beats this story. the political aspirations of one little girl.the mentor she turned to and the advice she received from this
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taking a live look outside.. a one hundred and two year old woman arrested. police arrested this public enemy number 1-0-2 in missouri as a way to help the woman fulfill her bucket list... which happened to be in the back of a squad car.police were more than happy to put her in cuffs. police of course
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any crime. how cute is this. 7-year-old lilly heinz from madison, with aspirations to be president... wanted to change her name to lillary... after hillary clinton. so she wrote to the presidential candidate for some advice... and clinton actually responded. dear lilly, i received the terrific message"i think lilly is a great name and you don't have to change it."don't give in on yourself!""i may become the first female president but you really can be the next. " lilly says she is probably going to stick with her orginal name for the meantime.. or until she runs for class
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morning. why one woman is lucky to be alive after being tricked by two men possing as workers from still missing. we're live in waukesha county where the search continues this morning for a missing 10 year old boy. where he was last seen... and what authorities are doing to try to find him.
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now at 5:00... frantic search: a call for volunteers to help find a missing 10 year old boy with autism. where the search stands right now and w plus... speaking out: the public's chance to weigh in on fighting violence in milwaukee. what happened this weekend that makes the need for solutions even more vital. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together...


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